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Who is More Important? You’re DJ or Your Photographer?

Ever wonder why photographers are a lot more expensive than DJs for wedding?

Both photographers and wedding dj detroit play significant roles in any event, and photos can recreate memories by helping you relive your day when you look at them. But who do you think the primary player is in assisting create those memories during your special day? You guessed it, your DJ is! Music is this type of solid emotional trigger that could make people laugh, cry with joy, and dance the night away – that way, your photographer can capture those unforgettable memories.

You may be thinking to yourself, "Just what exactly, what's the big deal? The DJ is just playing music; anybody can perform that." Of course, if this were the case, there could be no need to hire an expert DJ. But, you see, there are always many items that professional DJs can accomplish that the average person doesn't have working out to do. Listed here is a list of just a couple of things.

Ever see a DJ with one headphone to the ear? DJs don't just do this to check cool. We do this to preview the next song coming up to choose whether or not it will mix incorrectly and provide the right energy level. And that's right – I said to blend in. Talented DJs don't just stand there pushing play on a laptop using Spotify or Apple Music. If this were the case, you might accomplish that yourself. It requires experience and talent to have the ability to mix a complete set and keep people dancing for hours. That's why it is essential to find a DJ who can mix and set the right vibe!

You are reading the crowd. You can learn to play poker in one night, but it has a lifetime to understand it. The same relates to DJing. DJing has now become so mainstream with technology that most people can learn to DJ at a concise level of time. But it's the experience behind the wheels of steel that produces you boring or great. While you may think the DJ is staring at people's dance moves (which can be a chance, lol), she or he is assessing the atmosphere and audience. Setting the dance floor and knowing where you can take the crowd takes years and years of experience. How quickly can a DJ think of a tune to revive a dance floor and not lose the vitality?

 The DJ's ability to learn a crowd is one of the most significant differences between an inexperienced, lower-in-cost DJ (like a family group friend who agreed to DJ for $200) or an expert DJ who can keep you and your guests entertained through the night long. You want your guests entertained, right?

Master of ceremonies (DJs speaking on a microphone). Being unsure of just how to politely and persuasively change the conversations of your pals and family to direct the attention to your DJ on a microphone could get awkward if the ability is not there! You've probably even seen this happen at marriage before. Announcements are a massive part of an expert DJ's job since we can let people know what's happening. Unfortunately, not every DJ available goes to mastermind workshops or public speaking classes to ensure that your event is the greatest it may be. Be sure you hire someone with lots of experience and preferably DJs full-time – not a part-time hobbyist.

Given that you've learned just a few things that great DJs do other than merely turning up and "pressing play," you may be asking what it's to do with photographers. Well, let's speak about it.

A DJ has more gear, but cameras could be super expensive and make or break a photo shoot's quality. So in regards to load, the sound quality of the DJ and the visual quality from a photographer's lens could be pretty even. So I'd say it's a tie on this one. (Even though our setup and breakdown time is longer, but we'll let that slide.)

A Photographer does most of the work during and after the event editing, and a DJ does the majority of the work before the event and throughout the event. So again, more or less neck to neck here.

The most significant difference is that people argue precisely why a photographer costs so much greater than a DJ because of "memories" that photos create, and those memories are better than a DJ just playing music. Well, that's negative enough for me. I want to ask you this – if the DJ is horrible and you didn't have a good time at an event, wouldn't the photos from that event trigger those memories as well? You will see where I'm going to emphasize an essential balance between a good DJ and a good photographer. A photographer and DJ must be working turn in hand as a team and are just as important in this case! The DJ creates the emotion using music as a tool, which then creates the opportunity to catch crying, laughing, and dancing on a lens. Teamwork makes the dream work.

As some photographers are grinding their teeth scanning this, prepare yourself to produce a dentist appointment since this next topic is my favorite! DJs ARE UNDERWAY MORE PRESSURE TO PERFORM THAN PHOTOGRAPHERS ARE! Don't trust in me? Hand your photographer a mic when it's time for you to announce a grand entrance at your wedding. There's only one chance to have names correct during announcements, only one shot to kill a dance floor and produce a fun atmosphere, and one shot to be sure this could be the best night you've ever had! There's no returning for us. When I say this, I genuinely mean it with conviction; we're in an increased pressure position by far. There's no editing and no do-overs. It is a live performance, and the show must continue!

To conclude, yes, I can be a little biased because I've been a DJ for 20 years. But it's time most of us stand together and work together as a team. Photographers might have their individual opinions about this informative article, and that's reasonable. However, by the end of your day, as pros, we want to provide the perfect outcome for almost any event, and that's my goal. So when looking around for DJs and photographers, please don't skimp on either as far as pricing goes – opt for skill and experience. We're both very important to your event and will make or break it!

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